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Mini Grapefruit wine 0,25l / glass bottle / 11,5% ABV

€5 –20 %
mini grepička
€5 –20 % €4
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Exquisit summer refreshment 

  • take away glass of wine (0.25 L) with a handy screw cap
  • fruit wine made with fresh grapefruit juice with 12,5 % of alcohol
  • rich bittersweet citrus flavour
  • tastes and smells just like the real grapefruit

Detailed information

Product detailed description

These mini bottles (0.25 L) of our delicious fruit wine are so handy. You can taste them all and pick your favourite. Sweet and tasty mini wines fit right into your purse or briefcase. Get your 7-per-week portions of liquid fruit and enjoy these cute little bottles with a handy screw cap.

One extra benefit: If you drink it directly from the mini bottle you feel like a giant!



A perfect match for hopeless citrus lovers. Do not worry, this beautiful pink beverage won’t give you a sour look. It may seem a bit bitter occasionally, but it is very sweet most of the time. 

It cannot deny its citrus origins because it tastes and smells just like fresh grapefruit...with the extra improvement of alcohol. 



We strongly recommend serving grapefruit wine ice-cold. If you forget to let it sit in a fridge for some time, do not hesitate to drop few ice cubes in the glass.  



Our grapefruit wine is most comfortable in a cool, dry, dark place. It hates direct sunlight, just like vampires. It will survive in your fridge several days after the grand opening, but we strongly recommend drinking it immediately because, you know, YOLO. 

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