Provence Lavender special 11,5% alk.

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The Atmosphere of Provence in Every Sip

  • More Lavender than ever before thanks to a NEW RECIPE
  • Semi-sweet wine with macerated lavender flowers in Irsai Oliver grape wine
  • Concentrated taste and aroma of lavender that instantly transports you to lavender fields... C'est incroyable!
  • A sprig of lavender in every bottle, the longer it macerates, the more lavender the wine becomes
  • How to enjoy: chilled, with ice or soda, in a mixed drink

*If sediment settles at the bottom of the bottle, just shake it a few times. The sediment is not a defect; on the contrary, it makes the wine's flavor even more intense.

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About Lavender Wine

Young girls might not listen much to songs by Hegerová and Hapka anymore, but they will turn longingly for lavender wine just like for Ryan Gosling. And once you pop the cork and that intoxicating scent of lavender fields wafts out, their knees will buckle. The taste is another story; we had a hard time not drinking it all during production. It’s seriously addictive!

This purple treasure was crafted by our hardworking Czech hands right in Provence. The Rybízák team personally traveled there to pick the finest lavender flowers to ensure the result is worth it and you can taste the best! This year, we’ve given our favorite floral wine a slight recipe tweak and added a sprig of lavender in every bottle. Trust us, it’s more lavender than ever before.

How to Drink Lavender Wine

Good things are worth the wait, so make sure to chill the lavender wine properly before opening. It tastes great with a few ice cubes and adds a wonderful aroma and flavor to alcoholic mixed drinks.

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