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Mini tasting package 8 x wine / glass bottle / 11,5% ABV

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mini balíček
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  • tasting set of 8 fruit and flower wines
  • 8 x 0.25 L of black currant, pear, elderflower, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, gooseberry and raspberry wine 
  • sweet authentic taste of real fruit 
  • perfect gift for your family, your business partners, your wedding guest or just yourself - you deserve it the best!

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Product detailed description

Not a great decision maker? We can help!

These mini bottles (0.25 L) of our delicious fruit and flower wine are so handy. You can taste them all and pick your favourite. Sweet and tasty mini wines fit right into your purse or briefcase. Get your 8-per-week portions of liquid fruit and enjoy these cute little bottles with a handy screw cap.

It also serves well as a birthday or Christmas present. If you like the person, give him or her all 8. If your family consists of 8 people you don't like THAT much, you know what to do. 



The black currant wine is our bestseller and favourite of them all. This heavenly ambrosia contains no added alcohol and tastes just like freshly picked berries. The black currant wine with its typical aroma and a moderate level of alcohol (11,5 %) is ideal for getting tipsy and relaxing.



This exquisite fruit wine joined our Fruwi family in october 2019. Even then as a newborn child, it won our hearts with its intoxicating pear aroma. With the first sip, you will experience the pleasing taste similar to the classic white wine but just a few seconds later, you will be astonished at the symphony of sweet pear flavour. It feels like a mouthful of juicy pears, only better.



We follow our secret recipe using the flower of elderberry to produce this original alcoholic beverage. With the first sip, you will experience the pleasing taste similar to the classic white wine but just a few seconds later, you will be astonished at the symphony of sweet elderflower flavours.



Our cherry wine is made only with the best looking, fresh and firm cherries. The flavour is intense and enjoyably sweet. You could identify it by its beautiful aroma even when blindfolded (which is one of the many ways how to consume this king of alcoholic beverages). 



Taste the sweet and innocent strawberries embraced by sinful alcohol in a bottle of delicious Fruwi miracle. You will be charmed by the full fruity aroma of fresh berries and overwhelmed by its rich authentic flavour. Only the best looking slovak strawberries with perfect curves have the privilege to take part in our production. No uglies allowed.

We strongly recommend buying more than one bottle since it tends to disappear very quickly.



The secret of the exceptional taste of our blueberry wine is to let the blueberries freeze first. (Oh, great, we told you. So now it is not a secret anymore.) Thanks to this process our blueberry wine has higher sugar content and authentic fruity aroma. Due to the full and rich flavour it is recommended to sip it pretentiously, not to pour it to your mouth directly from the bottle.



It is simply one of a kind. You will experience original fruit wine, mostly sour but with enjoyable sweet aftertaste. Just like the gooseberries themselves. The tempting fruity aroma will make you taste it immediately. And then you decide if you love it or hate it. It’s kind of a Marmite situation here. But we do love it, especially as an aperitif.



Please welcome the delicious new pink member of the Fruwi family. The seductively scented fruit wine tastes exactly like the freshly picked raspberries...with the extra improvement of alcohol.

 This fragrant wine is a big hit with the ladies. It smells wonderful and is adored by anyone who loves berries.  



Our raspberry wine is most comfortable in a cool, dry, dark place. It hates direct sunlight, just like vampires. It will survive in your fridge several days after the grand openiThe ng, but we strongly recommend drinking it immediately because, you know, YOLO.

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