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Mini Strawberry wine 0,25l / glass bottle / 11,5% ABV

€5 –20 %
mini jahoďák
€5 –20 % €4
In stock, we ship immediately (> 5 pcs)


    • take away glass of wine (0.25 L) with a handy screw cap
    • young sweet wine made from slovak strawberries 
    • big hit with the ladies (it smells so good!)
    • aromatic strawberry wine with 11,5 % of alcohol

Detailed information

Product detailed description

These mini bottles (0.25 L) of our delicious fruit wine are so handy. You can taste them all and pick your favourite. Sweet and tasty mini wines fit right into your purse or briefcase. Get your 7-per-week portions of liquid fruit and enjoy these cute little bottles with a handy screw cap.

One extra benefit: If you drink it directly from the mini bottle you feel like a giant!



Taste the sweet and innocent strawberries embraced by sinful alcohol in a bottle of delicious Fruwi miracle. You will be charmed by the full fruity aroma of fresh berries and overwhelmed by its rich authentic flavour. Only the best looking slovak strawberries with perfect curves have the privilege to take part in our production. No uglies allowed.

We strongly recommend buying more than one bottle since it tends to disappear very quickly. 



Drink it ice cold for the most enjoyment. You can enjoy it as an aperitif to prepare your taste buds for a lovely lunch or dinner. But it serves just as well as a digestif after a heavy meal. You can refuse a dessert and replace it with a glass of strawberry wine. 

Our taste buds cannot imagine summer without a steady income of this tasty pink jewel. The fruit wine spritzer made only with strawberry wine and ice cubes is what vacation is all about. You can even use it as an ingredient for cocktails - it can substitute a cranberry juice or grenadine. This super power is shared by raspberry wine as well. 



The strawberry wine pairs well with desserts, such as cheesecake, chocolate mousse, vanilla sundae or panna cotta. Nevertheless, we like to sip this fruit wine while serving vegetable salad or grilled meat as well.  



Our strawberry wine is most comfortable in a cool, dry, dark place. It hates direct sunlight, just like vampires. It will survive in your fridge several days after the grand opening, but we strongly recommend drinking it immediately because, you know, YOLO.

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