Marango ūü•≠ from mango and passion fruit 12% alk.

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Semi-Sweet Fruit Special with Mango and Passion Fruit

  • Sets a summer mood and transports you to a tropical island in your thoughts
  • Sensual aroma of exotic fruit, distinct fruity taste
  • Tip: Best enjoyed in swimwear with a sun hat on!
  • How to drink: chilled, with ice or soda, in a mixed drink
  • New recipe! We now import mangoes from the Canary Islands, and the new Marango is in a completely different league than before.

*If sediment settles at the bottom of the bottle, just shake it a few times. The sediment is not a defect; it actually enhances the flavor of Marango.

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About Marango

Marango is a fruit special of our own recipe. Just one glass and a relaxed mood is guaranteed, no worries in sight! How? Marango contains tropical fruit, mango, and passion fruit, which are often added to mixed cocktails and drinks that we love to sip on vacation by the sea. After a few sips, you'll easily feel like you're on vacation, whether you're enjoying Marango in your garden by the pool or with a group of friends at M√°ch√°ńć.

How to Drink Mango and Passion Fruit Wine

The best things are worth the wait, so make sure to chill Marango properly before opening. Marango tastes great even with a few ice cubes and gives alcoholic mixed drinks a wonderful aroma and taste.

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