Koko ūü•• Coconut special 11,5% alk.

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A Liquid Ticket to the Tropics

  • Smells exotically, tastes like liquid Raffaello, and tempts you to taste it immediately
  • Refreshing coconut sip for celebrations, as a gift, or just for the taste
  • LIMITED EDITION in limited quantities or until sold out
  • Alcohol content: 11.5% vol.
  • How to enjoy: chilled or unchilled, warmed like punch, in a mixed cocktail

Detailed information

Product detailed description

What is Koko?

Liquid Raffaello - you have to try it! Taste our liquid ticket to the tropics - the coconut special Koko. Just you, the sound of the sea, and palm trees all around. One sip of Koko and it's like you're there. This special drink smells like true exoticism. Koko tastes a bit like coconut water mixed with white wine. It's semi-sweet with an intoxicating aroma. It pairs well with fish, young cheeses, or even pancakes, desserts, or Indian dishes.

And what about the alcohol content? Koko will cheer you up without knocking you down. It contains a lovely 11.5% vol. - similar to white wine.

Finding really good coconut is quite a challenge, so we managed to secure only a limited quantity. That's why Koko is a LIMITED EDITION.

How to Drink It?

Koko tastes best when properly chilled. Or add a few ice cubes to the glass or mix the special with soda.

If you save Koko for winter, no problem. Then we recommend warming it up like punch. It will warm you from head to toe.

And if you like experimenting with drinks, don't hesitate to use Koko as an ingredient in a mixed drink.

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